• Hookin' Up with Nick and Mariko

    Check out Nick and Mariko on the World Fishing Network

  • Bull Dorado

    Iridescent explosion of colors from a dorado’s ornery face

  • Rooster Time

    Check out Nick and Mariko on the World Fishing Network

  • Breaknet Cobia

    A beast 40-pound cobia thrashes at boatside the moment before the net breaks from its awesome tail-thrashing power.

  • Nothin' Like a Striper

    Nothing can wipe the smile a striper puts on your face

  • Guatemalan Sailfish

    Pacific sailfish going airborne and shaking off a well placed fly

  • Black Drum

    Nick likes to run around with the big dogs from time to time.

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  • Seriously? Another 6 inches of snow this week? Mother Nature’s idea of a sick joke as the first day of spring has passed is hopefully the last we see of any white stuff until next winter. Water temperatures were inching … Continue reading →

  • First and foremost, a Merry Christmas and warmest wishes to all for this holiday season! Make it an even more memorable time of year and cast a line with a loved one from a party boat for blackfish or sea … Continue reading →

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Welcome to Nicky Magnum Media

Honachefsky is the ultimate multimedia marketing consultant, writer and host for any sport fishing or travel needs. His wealth of experience in the outdoor industry will serve any consulting, marketing or speaking engagement need you may have.

Honachefsky has worked as a full time professional, spirited fixture in the Fishing and Travel journalism industry for the past 15 years. A graduate of Villanova University, his heart and soul has taken him exploring throughout the Caribbean, Central America, the 50 states, Europe and afar to cover the most exciting and prolific fishing destinations worldwide as well as happily plying the local waters of his home along the New Jersey Coast. A pioneer in the industry, he has held the position of Managing Editor at Salt Water Sportsman, continues as a Field Editor for SWS, Guest Editor at Guy Harvey Magazine, is a syndicated weekly saltwater fishing columnist in the Gannett USA Daily Journal and Courier Post, Field Editor for The Fisherman Magazine and is regularly published in the foremost leaders of the media industry including Salt Water Sportsman, Outdoor Life, Marlin, Sport Fishing, ESPN, Field and Stream, On the Water, Caribbean Travel and Life, Recommend, American Airlines Latitudes, among many other venues. Honachefsky has also hosted NBC Sports SportFishing Television as well as performing various other hosting duties at the World Fishing Network. Nick co-hosts Bite Club TV with rock star Mickey Melchiondo, aka Dean Ween, of the band Ween and Moistboyz, and is here to help you learn, live and appreciate the true sportfishing and travel lifestyle.

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Watch My CBS Interview About My Hurrican Sandy Experience
This has been one crazy ride. There are times when you can mentally prepare for stressful situations and times when you get blindsided and thrown off the boat into raging seas. As Superstorm Sandy took my home in Normandy Beach, all 15 years of my life’s professional work, photographs mementos, gifts, surfboards, fishing tackle and precious memories, I can’t slight her, as the ocean has given me much, much more in return as a fisherman and local. She wanted to let me know that her respect is always earned, and though I still think she’s a bitch for screwing up my life for the moment, I can’t be bitter, I live in her turf, and her time. So, that said, all this being homeless and “displaced”, finding food, clothing, shelter and such, living day to day, I just want you all that it would’ve been a seriously rough road, and still is, but the generosity, love, selflessness that I have gotten from you all has kept me rolling strong through the dark, uncertain times. First you all helped me out with food, then clothing, then the outreach of friends past, present and even acquaintances of friends that I have never met, stepped up to the plate to help me out. To you all, I say, THANK YOU, from the very bottom of my heart and into my soul. I owe you all my gratitude, and more importantly, in my belief as a God loving person, you are all angels to me. I hope you all know I would do the same for you. I cannot even begin to list all of you who have helped, but you know who you are, and know that I am a stronger person because of you. Ok, I am going to rebuild, at least put up a camper or Winnebago when I find one, to start living again on my beach, my plot of land, my home, when I am allowed to get back on the island, and you are all welcome to come and hit the surf with me. I would not have it any other way. All my love, Nick

Get On It!

Seriously get on it. What are you waiting for to live this one life we’ve been given? Get out and explore; fish, surf, hike and open your eyes and heart to enjoy the outdoors and walk the walk nobody has done before, living life pure and raw. Find your passion and love and marry it wholeheartedly. There’s a time to live and it’s now. Let’s go hit the bluewater! ~Nick

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